Our services have been found to be benifical for the following markets.

Code Officials,Engineers and Architects

Our course will make you better at your job. Code consulting, plan review, and design we can help with it all.

HVAC Contractors

Are you qualified to install, inspect, or repair life safety dampers? Let us certify you so that you can be equipped with the proper knowledge for the next job. Our staff has trained some of the leading inspection companies in the industry.

Building Owners and Managers

Can you verify your building is up to code? Will you pass the next inspection? We can train you and your staff to comply with local and federal regulations when it comes to dampers.  Our training will allow your staff to do the work and not rely on outside contractors.

If you design, build or maintain Hospitals, Schools, Commerical offices, Hotels, or any large high occupancy building, odds are there are numerous dampers in your facility. Do you need help understanding them? Let us help, contact us today info@firesmokedamper.com

Markets Served

FSD Consultants LLC.